Resources management and agroecologyProjects engineering


Period: April-June 2016
Countries: Ethiopia, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Malawi
Sponsor: Inter Aide
Experts: Hubert CATHALA, Cédric MARTIN
Main thematic and practical skills:
DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieResources management and agroecology
SF CycleDeProjetProjects engineering


Objectives and context

TERO carried out the evaluation of an agricultural convention program run by Inter Aide in four Sub-Saharan African countries, “Strengthening the capacities of family farms and structuring services in disfavored rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa”. This three-year convention program aimed to enhance the productive capacities and resilience of smallholder family farming systems in vulnerable rural areas

Services provided

puce triangleValidation of the main achieved results in comparison to the initial expected results, based on an evaluation in the four countries

puce triangleCritical analysis of the developed approaches

puce triangleOperational recommendations for each context, contributing to improve the intervention strategy for a new phase of the project