Resources management and agroecologyInstitutional support and advice


Period: May-June 2016
Country: Madagascar
Sponsors: Agrotec/GRET
Experts: Valentin BEAUVAL
Main thematic and practical skills:
DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologie Resources management and agroecology
SF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnelInstitutional support and advice

Objectives and context

The project “ASARA” (Improving Food Security and Agricultural income) is funded by the EU and it is carried out in Madagascar since 2013 by several operators. The general purpose of the project is to reduce food insecurity by improving the availability and accessibility of basic food crops. GRET manages the actions regarding the seed sector and has requested TERO to conduct a study of the seed sector in Madagascar, especially in the Deep South area.

Services provided

puce triangleUpdating several diagnosis on seed sector in Madagascar and in the intervention area:

- Legislative framework and implementation of a national seed strategy
- Evolution of the different types of seed production (OECD, SDQ and informal)
- Identification of stakeholders involved in the production, distribution, control of the seed;
- Seed Market Analysis

puce trianglePreparation of detailed recommendations on varieties to promote (conventional, ecotypes, local approved or unapproved, etc.) and proposal on access to corresponding seed;

puce triangleProposal of a sustainable model of development for the seed sector in Southern Madagascar taking into account the frequent food crises;

puce triangleAssessment of the adequacy of different types of subsidy regarding the access to seeds on the area of intervention and proposals on modalities.