Food-chain and marketsInstitutional support and advice


Period: October 2016
Country: Mongolia
Sponsor: AVSF
Expert: Pierril LACROIX


Main thematic and practical skills:
DC ElevageEtSanteAnimale 50X50  Livestock Farming and Animal Health
DC FilieresEtMarchesFood-Chain and Markets
SF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel 50X50  Institutional Support and Advice


Objectives and context

TERO was required by AVSF to lead a field mission in October 2016 in Bayankhongor province, Mongolia, in order to help the organizational strengthening of 5 cashmere cooperatives, propose them certification options, and recommend pre-financing strategies. TERO also made propositions about the support commercial strategy.

The mission was conducted under a participative approach to empower local actors.

Services provided

puce triangleProposal of tools and recommendations to improve cooperatives capacities and autonomy

puce triangleProposal of certification options, pre-financing and commercialization strategies

puce triangleRecommendations to prepare the post-project period