Resources management and agroecologyAssessment and studies


Period: July-November 2016
Country: Haiti
Sponsor: AFD
Experts: Pierril LACROIX, Alex BELLANDE, Thomas JACQUES, Carine CLERMONT
Main thematic and practical skills:
DC RessourcesManagementAndAgroecology Resources management and agroecology
SF AssessmentAndStudiesAssessment and studies


Objectives and context:

The government of Haiti is implementing its environmental commitments and climate action plans. In this context, AFD required to ONFI and TERO a feasibility study of a support project to CPDN, on watershed management and agroforestry, eligible to the “Green Fund”.
A co-financing from “Green Fund” is sought for this program called “Ak-Klima-tansyon” (AKT), incorporating the activities of a coffee-based agroforestry development project – LEVEKAFE - currently designed and financed by AFD. The approximate budget for the global program is 30 million euros.

AKT program participates in national adaptation and mitigation priorities for climate change in Haiti, through the promotion of socio-ecosystem management and resilience of prioritized watershed and rural families. The specific goals are as follow: (1) reinforcing family farming resilience against climate change and their food safety through the promotion of efficient agroforestry systems, (2) promoting an integrated water resource and watershed management to face climate change, (3) taking part of Haiti priority mitigation efforts and activities relative to agriculture, forestry, land change and energy allocations, (4) strengthening Haiti institutions abilities to enforce and lead their programs linked to climate change adaptation and mitigation

Services provided:

puce triangle Climate change vulnerability study of prioritized territories and population

puce triangle Opportunities and action proposals analysis on the promotion of agroforestry sector

puce triangle Analysis and reporting on transversal matters for the future program: gender, land issues, CGES, CEPP, PEES

puce triangle Development of a feasibility document for AFD program

puce triangle Elaboration of the concept note for the “Green Fund” submission

puce triangle Complementary studies proposal to finalize the “Green Fund” funding proposal