Food-chain and marketsProjects engineering


Period: November 2017-May 2018
Countries: Ecuador, Peru et Colombia
Sponsor: AFD
Experts : Jean-Jacques BOUTROU, Pierril LACROIX


Main thematic and practical skills :
DC FilieresEtMarches 50X50 Food-chain and markets
SF CycleDeProjet---50X50 Projects engineering


Objectives and context

AFD has selected TERO to conduct a feasibility study for a cocoa project in three Andean countries, financed through its trade capacity building program. The objective of this program is to strengthen a cocoa sector of excellence that promotes the social, environmental and organoleptic quality of cocoa from small Andean producers. This includes promoting the production and export of organic and agro-forestry cocoas, as well as policies supporting these initiatives.


Services provided

puce triangleField mission in the 3 countries to meet cocoa farmers and their organizations, economic operators, as well as local and national public authorities in charge of supporting agricultural sectors

puce triangleDevelopment of a diagnosis of the cocoa sector, with emphasis on fine cocoa, in the 3 Andean countries

puce triangleDetailed proposal of actions, budget and operating procedure for the future project

puce triangleOrganization of consultations with stakeholders, in the Andean countries and in France