Food-chain and marketsAssessment and studies


Period: October 2017-December 2018
Country: Western Africa
Sponsor: PFCE
Experts: Pierril LACROIX


Main thematic and practical skills:
DC FilieresEtMarches 50X50 Food-chain and markets
SF EtudeEtDiagnostics---50X50 Assessment and studies


Objectives and context

KINOME and TERO consulting firms have combined their experience in fair trade, environment and evaluation to realize this 15-month support mission to the fair trade platform (PFCE) and to the Equity program team in five West African countries. The study is focused on 19 projects of producers' organizations -PO- supported by the Equité program. The objective is to deliver an analysis of their potential impact on environment, building collectively specific tools and indicators with the field teams, and implementing them during 2 successive years (2017 and 2018).


Services provided

puce triangleDesign a mechanism to monitor and assess the environmental impacts of the 19 PO projects financed to the project stakeholders

puce triangleEstablishment of a baseline, with the active participation of local stakeholders

puce triangleRealization of the final environmental impact assessment of the projects supported by the Equity program, based on the tools proposed and the information generated

puce trianglePresentation of the environmental assessment conclusions to the project stakeholders in West Africa and France

puce triangleGlobal analysis on the relevance of the Equity project as a contribution to a positive interaction between fair trade and biodiversity protection