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Period: June - July 2018
Country: Burundi
Sponsor: Care International
Expert: Alexandre VIGOT


Main thematic and practical skills:
DC SecuritéAlimentaireFood Security
SF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel---50X50 Institutional Support and Advice


Objectives and context

CARE Burundi programming focuses, in the long run, on 2 impact groups: women and youth, which vulnerabilities are partly related to food insecurity risks in the country, potentially exacerbated by humanitarian crisis. CARE Burundi wishes to adapt its long-term planning to the sensitive humanitarian context of the country, in particular concerning food insecurity. This adaptation should permit a better understanding of the integration opportunities and challenges of the food and nutritional insecurity in the long-term programming.


Services provided

puce triangleStudy making on the level of households food security in the current zones of intervention of CARE Burundi

puce triangleAchievement of a list of simple indicators if food security

puce triangleWriting of an intervention logical framework for emergency and resilience strengthening actions of target populations in the food security area