aviculture guinée 3

Period: Enero-diciembre 2018
Country: Guinea-Conakry
Sponsor: AFD
Expert: Hubert CATHALA


Main thematic and practical skills:
DC ElevageEtSanteAnimale 50X50 Livestock Farming and Animal Health
SF EtudeEtDiagnostics---50X50 Assessment and Studies


Objectives and context

The Ministry of Livestock Farming and Animal Production of Guinea (MEPA) wishes to support the poultry sector development (traditional and imrpoved) in order to resolve the lack of broilers and eggs, contributing to the food and nutritional security as well as to the poverty reduction. In this context, the MEPA, with the AFD assistance, wishes to realize a diagnosis of the poultry sector, with the purpose of determining a support project for the poultry sector development. This process has been completed by a technical, economical, financial and environnemental feasibility study of the project.


Services provided

puce triangleRealization of a detailed diagnosis of the poultry sector situation for the species with a real potential of development in Guinea (chickens, guinea fowls, ducks...)

puce triangleElaboration of an action program at short, middle and long terms for the poultry sector development in Guinea

puce trianglePreparation of an economically relevant project for the poultry sector development

puce triangleOrganization of a round table in order to present the project to the stakeholders (poultry sector actors, authorities, technical partners and potential funders)