SOS Faim 2017 

Period: August-December 2017
Countries: Benin et Niger
Sponsor: MFA of Luxembourg
Expert: Olivier RENARD (Terracoopa)


Main themmatic and practical skills:
DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnel 50X50 Territorial Development and Institutional Strengthening
SF EtudeEtDiagnostics 50X50 Assessment and Studies


Objectives and context

The NGO SOS Faim Luxembourg can count on the multi-year support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg through a framework agreement. Since 2011, this framework agreement is implemented by SOS Faim in consortium with the NGO Action Solidarity Third World (ASTM) in 7 priorized countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, 4 countries of Western Africa, 2 of Central Africa and 1 of Eastern Africa.

The requested mission of the MFA of Luxembourg aim to specifically review the 2014-2018 framework agreement realized by SOS Faim in consortium with ASTM, and more particularly the activities led by SOS Faim.


Services provided

puce triangle Review of the partnerships in 2 countries: Benin (3 partnerships) and Niger (4 partnerships)

puce triangleRecommendations for the 2019-2023 framework agreement