SADMAD Sénégal 1

Period: October-November 2018
Country: Senegal
Sponsor: GRDR
Expert: Johan PASQUET


Main thematic and practical skills:
DC SecuritéAlimentaire Food Security
SF CycleDeProjet 50X50 Evaluation


Objectives and context

Initiated in January 2016 for 3 years, the SADMAD program aims to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable populations in the suburban area of Dakar through the implementation of sustainable food systems and the promotion of local products with high nutritive value. The GRDR asked TERO to realize the external final evaluation of the program, appreciating its quality and its performance. The gathering of information was based on a mixed methodology, associating documentary review, direct observation and interviews with the project teams, the partners and the beneficiaries.


Services provided

puce triangleInformation gathering

puce triangleAnalysis of the 5 main observations of the evaluation by criteria

puce triangleProposal of recommendations