Resources management and agroecologyInstitutional support and advice


Period: May-June 2016
Country: Bolivia
Sponsors: AFD, FFEM
Experts: Pierril LACROIX


Main thematic and practical skills:
DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologie Resources Management and Agroecology
SF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnelInstitutional Support and Advice


Objectives and context

TERO carried out the formulation (phase) of a program promoting and upscaling sustainable family farming models in Bolivia. The main objective of this program is to enhance food security and sustainable natural resources management in 7 ecoregions of Bolivia, as well as policy advocacy at local, national and international levels, for the implementation of policies in favor of smallholder farmers and indigenous families farming in the Andean-Amazonian region. The program will be implemented by the French NGO Secours Catholique and its Bolivian strategy partner, CIPCA, during the period comprised between 2016 and 2019. Co-financed by AFD, FFEM and private funds, this program also includes the construction of a pilot agricultural credit scheme for agroecology.


Services provided

puce triangleFormulation of the NEP report, as part of the FFEM requirement

puce triangleProposals for the research and credit components of the program

puce triangleLogical framework and budget elaboration

puce triangleCoordination with main French and Bolivian stakeholders (including Bolivian finance institutions)