Territorial development and institutional strengtheningProjects engineering


Period: April-June 2015
Countries: Benin, Togo, France
Sponsor: CFSI
Experts: Danièle SEXTON, Pierril LACROIX
Main thematic and practical skills:
DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnelTerritorial development and institutional strengthening
SF CycleDeProjetProjects engineering

Objectives and context

TERO realized the final evaluation of the agricultural and food program of the CFSI (French Comity for International Solidarity). This program implemented a budget of 3 million euros and aimed to strengthen the capacity of family farming to feed West-African cities through the development of synergies between West-African and French actors. This program promoted alternatives for the commercialization and valorization of local products in West-Africa and carried out a local consumption and family farming awareness campaign and advocacy.

Services provided

puce triangleEvaluation of the relevance of the program

puce triangleEvaluation of the results and qualitative and quantitative impacts

puce triangleAnalysis of the evolutions and changes

puce triangleRecommendations for the next phase of the program