September-october 2019

At the request of the Departmental Directorate of Agriculture of the South (DDAS), TERO was selected to do the final evaluation of the SECAL food security project in Haiti. This project has been implemented in 3 territories in the South, West and Artibonite, with co-financing from AFD and the EU.

  Evaluation finale SECAL

Period : September-october 2019
Country : Haïti
Sponsor : MARNDR
Experts : Grégoire EtesseJean Payen et Sylvain Colmet-Daage
Main thematic and practical skills:
SF CycleDeProjet 50X50 Evaluation
SF EtudeEtDiagnostics---50X50 Assessment and Studies
SF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel---50X50 Consulting and institutional support

Objectives and context

For the period 2013 to 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR), with the financial support of AFD and the EU, has implemented the Food Security project "SECAL". This project aims to combat food insecurity by increasing and improving the production, conservation, processing and marketing of agricultural products. This project has been carried out in 3 territories in the departments of South, West and Artibonite. At the request of the Departmental Directorate of Agriculture of the South (DDAS), TERO was selected to do the final evaluation of the SECAL food security project in Haiti. The evaluation covered the various dimensions of the programme, its modalities of intervention and its partnerships. To carry out this mission, TERO mobilized a team of three complementary experts to address the different thematic areas of intervention and challenges of the SECAL project.

Services provided

puce triangleEvaluation of the various project components on the basis of CAD criteria

puce triangleAnalysis of the project's achievements in terms of institutional strengthening

puce triangleEvaluation of the productive and economic development aspects of the SECAL project

puce triangleEvaluation of irrigated infrastructure aspects and social water management

puce triangleProduction of various deliverables: scoping note, situation diagnosis and final evaluation document

January-December 2018
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  Burundi site

Period: June - July 2018
Country: Burundi
Sponsor: Care International
Expert: Alexandre VIGOT


Main thematic and practical skills:
DC SecuritéAlimentaireFood Security
SF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel---50X50 Institutional Support and Advice


Objectives and context

CARE Burundi programming focuses, in the long run, on 2 impact groups: women and youth, which vulnerabilities are partly related to food insecurity risks in the country, potentially exacerbated by humanitarian crisis. CARE Burundi wishes to adapt its long-term planning to the sensitive humanitarian context of the country, in particular concerning food insecurity. This adaptation should permit a better understanding of the integration opportunities and challenges of the food and nutritional insecurity in the long-term programming.


Services provided

puce triangleStudy making on the level of households food security in the current zones of intervention of CARE Burundi

puce triangleAchievement of a list of simple indicators if food security

puce triangleWriting of an intervention logical framework for emergency and resilience strengthening actions of target populations in the food security area

February-April 2018
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