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TERO realized its general assembly on Friday, March 23rd. It took place in Lyon at Hevea building, in our cooperative’s headquarters. Over twenty members participated to this collective moment and work day.
The thematic of assessment, essential for our consultancy company since 1/3 of the missions concern projects and programs assessment, was at the agenda in the morning. Starting from presentations and sharing experience, the members were invited to a group reflexion on TERO’s assessment methods, and to the formulation of suggestions aimed at improving the quality of our expertise service.
The lunch was served by the cooperative Cuisine Itinérante after what the statutory afternoon was opened. The technical and financial balance of 2017 exercise, including a progress report about two transversal actions (SPP certification service and the internal collaborative platform Terosphère), was presented to the members. The day was closed with the vote on resolutions.
In 2018, our cooperative will move forward with a diversification of the thematic and geographic fields of intervention and the reinforcement of the permanent technical staff.