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TERO's General Assembly took place on March 29th, 2019 in Lyon at Hevea building, in our cooperative's headquarters.
28 members participated to this collective and work day.
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The morning was dedicated to a workshop on food chains and markets, which is of great importance for TERO as, since 2015, 40% of TERO's achieved missions mobilized this particular area of expertise. Three members presented their experience in terms of food chains and markets based on case studies of passed missions. Then, the Assembly was invited to a collective discussion about TERO's practices on this topic as well as to the formulation of proposals to improve the quality of the services provided in TERO's missions.
Lunch was served by the Cuisine Itinérante cooperative, after what the statutory afternoon was opened. The technical and financial balance of 2017 exercise, including the evolution of the SPP certification activity, was presented to the cooperative's members. Then, the four resolutions at the agenda were voted (validation of the annual report and the 2018 financial report, approval of the cooperative's membership four candidates and selection of the Cooperative Council members).
In 2019, the technical team will be strengthened with the full-time transfer of Sylvain Aubert as well as with the creation of a fourth administrative and financial position, filled by Gabrielle Hauducoeur.