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TERO offers a long term experience, field and institutional contacts in over Asia, Africa, South and Central America and the Caribbean and offers expertise services in agricultural, breeding and rural development fields to respond to different actor’s needs.


TERO's references come from its members' location and experiences. Discover TERO's experiences.

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Missions realized in 2018

Market gardening value chain studies in Wadi Fira, Guéra and Ouadaï areas of Lake Chad for CARE International in Chad. FilieresEtMarches petitetailleConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel petitetaille

 Value chain study for the PRO-ACT project implemented by CARE-OXFAM consortium FilieresEtMarches petitetaille ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel petitetaille

Formulation of a multisectoral food and nutrition security program targeting the most vulnerable populations in Haiti. GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologie petitetailleCycleDeProjet petitetaille

Mission of expertise in supporting the identification of a commercial agriculture development in Angola. GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologie petitetailleSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Study on organic soybean certification in Togo, as part of GIZ’s PROCIV project. GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologie petitetailleConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel petitetaille

Final evaluation of a FISONG project to adapt agricultural practices to climate change in Ethiopia.GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologie petitetailleSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Diagnostic study and master plan elaboration for the poultry sector in Guinea. DC ElevageEtSanteAnimaleSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Capitalization of interventions financed by FFEM during the period 2006 – 2017 DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnel Capitalisation petitetaille

Final evaluation of the MIARY project to support agroecology and irrigation in Madagascar. GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologie petitetailleSF EtudeEtDiagnostics


Missions realized in 2017

Feasibility study of a project to support the sustainable development of a cocoa sector of excellence in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. FilieresEtMarches petitetailleCycleDeProjet petitetaille

Assessment and feasibility study of a regional program in Southeast Asia on geographical indications. FilieresEtMarches petitetailleCycleDeProjet petitetaille

Final evaluation of the Development of Farmer's Fish Farming Support Project in Madagascar. DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnelSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Assessment and methodological support mission to the APDRA relay farmers system in Madagascar. DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnelCapitalisation petitetaille

Feasibility study of an integral development project of Guaviare deparment in Colombia. DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnelCycleDeProjet petitetaille

Design of a method for monitoring and evaluation of the environmental impacts of producer organizations' projects supported by the EQUITE program. FilieresEtMarches petitetailleSF 

Assessment with a prospective view of the Capacity Development Project of Logoné Farmers Organizations in Chad. DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnelSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Second phase of the feasibility study of the AGAVE - Green Fund project in Haiti. GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologie petitetailleCycleDeProjet petitetaille

Assessment of SOS Faim multiannual framework cooperation agreement. DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnel SF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Final evaluation of the Pro-Act food security project in Liberia. DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnel SF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Feasibility study for a cashew chain project financed by AFD in Mozambique. FilieresEtMarches petitetaille CycleDeProjet petitetaille

Expertise on sustainable cashmere fiber in Mongolia. FilieresEtMarches petitetaille SF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel

Study on valorisation of non-timber forest products for WHH agricultural program in Malawi. FilieresEtMarches petitetaille ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel petitetaille

Final evaluation of a food and nutritional security project in Senegal. DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnel SF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Preliminary study on the conditions for land use and natural resources management in Chin and Rakhine states, Myanmar. DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologie SF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Definition of an agriculture program in Armenia for the AFD. DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnelSF CycleDeProjet

Ongoing evaluation of Inter Aide agricultural program convention, in 4 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologie SF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel

Evaluation of a project on agroecology implemented by Inter Aide in the Southeast of Madagascar. DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologie SF CycleDeProjet

Final evaluation of Fanantenana food security project executed by AVSF in Madagascar. DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieSF CycleDeProjet

Support for the formulation of an irrigation program in Cochabamba department, Bolivia. DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologie SF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Participation to the formulation of the economic development component for PROSECO project in northern Chad, financed by EU. DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnel SF EtudeEtDiagnostics


Missions realized in 2016

Support to etic labels and cooperatives strengthening in fruit sector in Madagascar. DC FilieresEtMarchesSF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel

Market study and commercial strategy proposals for rice, corn and banana’s products in Burundi.DC FilieresEtMarchesSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Support to AFD investment strategy in Peru in the irrigation sector.DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieSF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel

Final evaluation of an agroecological and resources management project in Togo.DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieSF CycleDeProjet

Elaboration of the pluriannual strategic plan of the Feccano, and formulation of a new support plan for AVSF in Haiti.DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieSF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel

Support to cashmere cooperatives in Mongolia about organizational strengthening capacities and certificate.DC FilieresEtMarchesSF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel

Evaluation of the multiannual convention program with PFCE (Plate Forme pour le Commerce Equitable).DC FilieresEtMarchesSF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel

Final Evaluation of the project “Urban and peri-urban farming development 2”, agro ecology and short supply chains in Mozambique.DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieSF CycleDeProjet

Evaluation of a food and nutritional security support project, “KEBAL “, in Senegal.DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieSF CycleDeProjet

Feasibility study of a support project to CPDN, on watershed management and agroforestry, eligible to the “Green Fund”, in Haiti. DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Capitalization of the actions implemented by INADES and its partners in Togo regarding agricultural financing.DC FilieresEtMarchesSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Evaluation of the actions implemented in the South of Madagascar and at a national level regarding the seed sector.DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieSF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel

Formulation mission for an AFD/FFEM financed program promoting and upscaling sustainable family farm models in Bolivia.DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieSF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel

Participation to the formulation of a national program on cocoa and Andin fruits in Ecuador.DC FilieresEtMarchesSF CycleDeProjet

Evaluation of the convention program of Inter Aide implemented in 4 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieSF CycleDeProjet

Diagnostic and identification of an appropriate sector for the future cooperation of the CD92.DC FilieresEtMarchesSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Support mission on the feasibility of a LAIF project for technical assistance to a smart climate agriculture project in Colombia.DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieSF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel

Support to fund-raising for small breeders cooperatives enabling the collection of sustainable cashmere fibers in Mongolia.DC ElevageEtSanteAnimaleSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Monitoring (ROM) of a project supporting agricultural organisations and vulnerable rural households in Chad.DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnelSF CycleDeProjet

Final evaluation of the Allpamanta agroecology project in the province of Pichincha in Ecuador.DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieSF CycleDeProjet

Feasibility study for AFD and FFEM of a sustainable chain (cocoa and vetiver) and basin river management project in the South of Haiti.DC FilieresEtMarchesSF CycleDeProjet


Missions realized in 2015

Feasability study of Levekafé project, a new coffee support project in Haiti funded by AFD.DC FilieresEtMarchesSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Final evaluation of ASSTEL project – Service access and milk producer structuration in Senegal.DC FilieresEtMarchesSF CycleDeProjet

Mid-term evaluation of the social management of water aspect of the Secal food security project in Haiti.DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnelSF CycleDeProjet

Monitoring of three agricultural development programs in the European Union.DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieDC FilieresEtMarchesDC ElevageEtSanteAnimaleSF CycleDeProjet

Feasibility study of a national training program in agriculture and rural activities in Togo.DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnelSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Uropcs member’s agricultural product commercialization support in the region of the Savanes in Togo and final evaluation of the organic production et fair trade support program of the Atsemawoe union in Togo.DC FilieresEtMarchesSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Study to support the conception of a future improvement program of livestock associated practices when next to protected areas in Congo Brazzaville.DC ElevageEtSanteAnimaleSF EtudeEtDiagnostics

Final evaluation of a synergy program between western Africa (Benin and Togo) and French stakeholders to reinforce the capacity of small family run farms to feed towns in western Africa.DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnelSF CycleDeProjet

Evaluation of the Procacao project, to support the structuring of an organic and fair trade cocoa sector and diagnosis of the cocoa sector in Haiti.DC FilieresEtMarchesSF CycleDeProjet

Expertise for AFD on breeding sector in Afghanistan and national support strategy from the Afghan Ministry of agriculture.DC ElevageEtSanteAnimaleSF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnel

Final evaluation of the Transfronterizo program, which acts to develop the cross-border region between the south of Columbia and the North of Ecuador. DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnelSF CycleDeProjet


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