Our offer

TERO’s offer relies on more than 50 professional members, animal or plant production, food chain and institutional development experts, bringing their skills to studies and diagnosis, project engineering, capitalization or institutional council and support.


SF EtudeEtDiagnosticsAssessment and studies


puce triangleDiagnosis of multiple regional sectors, organizations, and institutions

puce triangleMarket studies, feasibility studies

puce triangleInvestment program impact and rural area development studies


SF CycleDeProjetProjects engineering


Identification and formulation:

puce triangleStrategy and action play definition, realization of identification and feasibility studies


puce triangleOperational management, team management, leading consultative bodies, account and financial management

puce triangleTechnical assistance to the contracting authority and the project management

Monitoring and evaluation:

puce triangleRealization of intermediate and final evaluations


SF CapitalisationCapitalisation


puce triangleCapitalization of experiences and methodology

puce triangleProduction and distribution of reference materials and training

puce trianglePromotion of the strategy of the communities


SF ConseilEtAppuiInstitutionnelInstitutional support and advice


puce triangleStrengthening of capacities of farmer organizations, NGOs, local consultancy firms, local authorities (for rural development programs, agricultural product purchase, etc.)

puce triangleStrategy definition and local planning support of public and local support institutions

puce triangleElaboration of development plans, business plans, sectoral concerted policies, etc. and implementation and monitoring council

puce triangleElaboration of training and knowledge transfers schemes, leading multi-actors international exchange networks


LOGO-SPP-300X300SPP certification service


puce triangleEvaluation for renewal or first SPP certification of Small Producers’ Organizations and buyers

puce triangleConnection between SPOs and buyers certified under SPP

puce triangleProspective mission for identification and analysis of SPOs


Our areas of expertise

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