Our actions

TERO offers a long term experience, field and institutional contacts in over Asia, Africa, South and Central America and the Caribbean and offers expertise services in agricultural, breeding and rural development fields to respond to different actor’s needs.


TERO's services and activities aim to meet the requirements of various types of stakeholders, both in France and at international level: smallholders and livestock farmers, as well as their professional, social and economic organizations; centralized, decentralized and sectorial national public services; bi and multilateral cooperation agencies; local governments; chariting foundations and others institutions specialized in developing countries; and companies from the social and solidarity economy sector.

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Where do we work?

TERO works at international level, in developing countries and also in France and Europe. Read more



TERO has international references from its members' location and experiences. Read more



Please feel free to contact us for a study, an opinion or a diagnosis of your territory:

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