Our offer

TERO’s offer relies on more than 50 professional members, animal or plant production, food chain and institutional development experts, bringing their skills to studies and diagnosis, project engineering, capitalization or institutional council and support.


DC ElevageEtSanteAnimaleLivestock farming and animal health


puce triangleFamily livestock management, animal feed, pastoralism.

puce triangleLivestock system performance: productivity, sustainability and resilience.

puce triangleProcessing and marketing livestock products.

puce triangleLong term scheme to preserve livestock health; prevention and vaccination in small farms.


DC GestionDesRessourcesEtAgroecologieResources management and agroecology


puce triangleSustainable and local management of resources.

puce triangleLand tenure, land management, irrigation and forestry.

puce triangleAgroecology and agroforestry: related cropping and breeding techniques.

puce triangleAgroecology transition support, reduction of chemical use.

puce triangleClimate change adaptation and reduction of agriculture's, environmental footprint.


DC FilieresEtMarchesFood-chain and markets


puce triangleMarket access for farmers.

puce triangleDevelopment of local agroprocessing capacities.

  puce triangleAdded value generation and certification: quality trademarks, fair trade, organic products, geographical origins.   

puce triangleFarmer organization support.

  puce triangle Rural entrepreneurship.

DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnelTerritorial development and institutional strengthening


puce triangleRegional development and food system, local distribution networks (farm to fork).

puce triangleRural job creation: agricultural services, handicraft, small scale meccanization, agroprocessing, small and medium enteprise (SME).

  puce triangleVocational training and employment of rural youth.
  puce triangleFood safety and sovereignty, agricultural and rural livelihoods.

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