TERO, SPP Certification Body

Solidarity with other companies working towards the development of a social economy is a key TERO principle. That’s why our cooperative decided to support SPP development by diversifying its activities and launching the first French speaking SPP certification service.


What is SPP ?

The Small Producers’ Symbol (SPP) is a fair-trade certification system which belongs to Small Producers' Organizations (SPOs).

Rules and norms, such as granted minimum prices or products' composition rules, are determined by SPP bodies, composed of fair-trade cooperatives.

Field audits regularly verify the respect of commitments and are realized by independant certifying bodies.

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TERO, Certification Body

Sharing the same values as the SPP, TERO decided to support its development by diversifying its activities and creating a certifying service in 2017.

Though it can also work in English and Spanish, TERO is the first official SPP certifying body to offer its services to French-speaking actors.

By relying on its networks, TERO can identify local professionals, committed to family farming, and train them as inspectors. Such a network of local inspectors guarantees a strong reactivity as well as the inclusion of cultural and contextual aspects in the missions' guideline.



puce triangleFor cooperatives:

- SPP certification assessments.

- Connection with potential registered buyers.




 puce triangleFor buyers:

- SPP certification assessments.

- Connection with certified cooperatives.

- Cooperative identification and assessment.



Want to learn more about SPP system or our services ?

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