Consultancy firm created on the 16th of January 2015, TERO is a Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif (SCIC). As a cooperative consultancy, TERO shares values of co-construction, transparency, shared authority and constitution of indivisible reserve. The TERO members are professionals dedicated to the development of rural areas.


The Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif (Scic), created by the law 2001-624 of the 17th of July 2001, is a cooperative company which:

puce triangleAllows the association of several stakeholders around the same project: employees, producers, beneficiaries, volunteers, end users, public authorities, businesses, organizations and individuals.

puce triangleProduces goods or services that fulfil the collective need of a specific area.

puce triangleRespects the cooperative rules: distribution of power, involvement of all the members in the organization and major management decisions of the company.

puce triangleTakes part in a general process of local and sustainable development.

puce triangleHas a common interest and a social utility.

 In the case of TERO, the SCIC has five categories of members: civil society organizations, professional members, employees, individual and institutional supporters, divided into four Colleges. The Colleges are represented within the Cooperative Council as a SCIC advisory body. The operational management is left to the president and to the employee director of TERO.






The members of the Cooperative Council

portrait JJB Jean Jacques BOUTROU, President of TERO 
portrait pierril Pierril LACROIX, Employee’s college of TERO — Director of TERO
portrait-Charlene Charlène NICOLAY, Civil society organization’s college associated with TERO – Consultant
portrait-Hubert.jpg Hubert CATHALA, Expert’s college associated with TERO – Consultant
portrait joseph Joseph LEBLANC, Individual and institutional supporter’s college of TERO, institutional support category – Manager of Terracoopa, a service and expertise cooperative

About us

TERO is a French cooperative company, working within rural territories and mobilizing more than 50 committed experts. Read more


Our values

The choice of a cooperative company responds to TERO's values of co-construction, transparency , shared power and common assets. Read more


We know how to make a difference.