Livestock farming and animal healthAssessment and studies


Period: June-July 2015
Country: Congo Brazzaville
Sponsors: WCS, Aspinall Foundation
Expert: Christophe NIVOIX


Main thematic and practical skills:
DC ElevageEtSanteAnimale Livestock farming and animal health
SF EtudeEtDiagnosticsAssessment and studies


Objectives and context

TERO supported the conception of a program improving breeding practices on the edge of protected areas in Bakété region in Congo. This program will be implemented by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Aspinall Foundation which are specialized in environmental conservation, and it will support communities living from small breeding in the intervention area to improve their practices in order to protect natural resources.

Services provided

puce triangleDiagnostic of the livestock farming sector in the intervention area in Congo

puce triangleAnalysis of the potential of the development of the livestock sector

puce triangleProposal of actions and priorities to support communities living from small breeding