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Period: 2016
Country: Madagascar, Tchad
Sponsor: EPTISA
Experts: Sylvain COLMET-DAAGE
Main thematic and practical skills:
DC DeveloppementTerritorialEtInstitutionnel Territorial development and institutional strengthening
SF CycleDeProjetProjects engineering

Objectives and context

TERO realized the ROM monitoring of two UE funded projects in 2016. The European Union financed a project of civil society organizations enhancement, in order to implement local governance with community benefits in Madagascar. In Chad, the European Union financed a project managed by the AFDI reducing poverty of rural households in oriental Logoné by the improvement of their resilience and enhancement of their organizations. TERO was assigned to realize this missions by Eptisa, the consultancy firm in charge of monitoring the UE funded projects in Africa.

Services provided

puce triangleROM monitoring of the two projects

puce triangleEvaluation of their pertinence, efficacy, efficiency, sustainability and impact

puce triangleRecommendations for the finalization of the projects